Texter till övriga låtar jag spelat in hittar ni på metrolyrics.com

Album – What now my love?

Do Be Mama
(Text & musik: Carin Lundin)

Mama, sweet mama, mama-a, do be mama
Sitting in my wardrobe with crossed legs,
staring at clothes that have expired
Happy little moments of yellow and flowery blue, worn out and tired

Where did our play-doh time go? It’s gone like toys we gave away
Teens show up for fast food, I ask for a chat but they say: mama –another day!

Mama, glad mama, mama-a do be mama

While my kids are getting along, I swear, I sweat, I run aground
Suddenly my left-over-time for myself seems so great, flies around me

Mama, cool mama, mama-a, do be mama

Both my heart and brain are kind of overloaded with you
so who am I today, I wonder, what am I supposed to do?
Celebrate and sip some pink champagne and book a trip for two,
with a lack of bad consciense? Let a new era begin for..
..Mama, sweet mama, mama-a, do be mama mama happy mama, mama worried mama, mama sweet mama, dododo be mama…


Tribute to miss A
(Text & musik: Carin Lundin)

To me she’s always here in a way
openhearted, passioned

I listen for brave directions
left in good spirits above

I miss her loving voice ev’ryday
a certain intonation

Will always chime through heaven
widening the highway of love

To sunny memories, to wildest ideas
to crazy things we did, to Our years!

While a lot seems faded her precious tone linguers on

Album – Songs that we all recognize

Take your time blues
(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

Time, time, I need time
Time, time, prime time
I can’t hurry home
It’s no crime to count to four, take your time
Don’t worry or despair, you will get there
Fill up with space, set your heart’s pace
In time, time, prime time

Time, time, I need time
Time, time, prime time
I can’t hurry home
It’s no crime to count to four, take your time

Climb down
Wag along
Sing a slow song
Have a lazy day n’
Wag away in time, time, prime time


(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

I see some faces in a certain frame – available
Whether they want or not they’re in the game – available

Everyone is waiting
Everyone’s debating
Everyone is standing by
Everyone is hoping
Everyone is moping
Everyone is running out of time

I see some actresses, they play it well – available
But whether they want or not a face can tell – available

Morninglight – shouldn’t the blue be bright?
But muddy green comes in sight

I see a minute-hand that’s not in mine – available

Album – Smulor och parafraser

(text: Carin Lundin/Anna Ploby. Musik: Carin Lundin)
Samla dam, ni-na nynna fram, vanlig vardagsvisa
Under lupp mitt liv samlar upp kylskåpspoesi
Letar ord rotmos på mitt bord, vad vill jag bevisa?
Sekretess, tyst, tyst, sätter press, finskåpspoesi

Himmelsgrön, lingonblå, allt går att få

Få en knäpp, mums-mums, hänger läpp
Vanlig vardagsvisa: kylskåpspoesi

Allting stannar till, från mitt fönster smyger västanvind
Karga träd på går’n ritar mönster på din hals å kind

Allt är mitt, bit, bit, kall pommesfrites, vanlig vardagsvisa
Mellanakt, gonatt har jag sagt. Kylskåpspoesi.

Avundsgrön, kallblodsblå, får jag känna så?

Fräsa kött, väs, väs, lagom trött, vanlig vardagsvisa: kylskåpspoesi.
Tända ljus, blink, blink….lite bus…

Min vals
(text: Carin Lundin/Anna Ploby. Musik: Carin Lundin)
Lite till om du vill komma in, en kort sekund, en liten stund, ett ögonblund.
Om du ser lite mer vad som finns så skulle du se mig nu.

Sluten och otillgänglig, blicken så genomtränglig.
Ur detta sker – ingenting.

Lite mer och du ser vad jag gömt, ett fint paket nåt som jag vet, en hemlighet nå’t som jag vet.
Om du ser lite mer vad jag drömt så skulle du se mig nu.

Hur ska jag mer förklara känslor så uppenbara
Ändå så sker – ingenting

Fina och underbara, hur ska jag mer förklara att jag vill ha – lite till.

Lite till om du vill komma in, en kort sekund, en liten stund, ett ögonblund.
Om du ser lite mer vad som finns, så skulle du se vem det är som väl nått dig nu.

Album – Babble

(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

A little babble makes my day, pushes time to think away
No, can’t hesitate one minute, I just have to get on with it
Dreams I had have now come true:
My strong heart beats for two!
Two blue eyes a little nose, oh, how sweet to feel him close
There’s a mess in my fine order, nothing’s like the calm before, the
babbling chat I love to hear makes my silence disappear!

His tiny finger points at dogs, flags, the moon, cars and frogs
On and on his hand invites me, shows me clouds that move, excites me
Look at that and look at this
-watch out here’s a big wet kiss!

Used to doubt I now surrender for this obvious love, so tender
With his babble in my ear I steadily continue my career
Need his little hand to squeeze, need him to feel at ease!

Little Lily (Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)
Little Lily saves her plan for a certain man
Silently hides it all so fine

Little Lily can’t deny she is standing by
Silently waiting for a sign

Lily, tempted by a liar and some promises
Lily glorifies someone we know cannot stay to satisfy her

Little Lily won’t let go, hides it in the snow
Silently covers her desire

Lily loves a married man, will he ever then finally leave that life behind?

Lily, tempted by a liar and some promises
Lily glorifies someone we know cannot stay to satisfy her, to love her all the way

Lily may not get anything from him
Lily hasn’t got a chance
Lily may not be the one that gets it in the end.

Mr. Nice Guy
(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

I met my man in the holy land
On a camel he came;)
I melted in the sun on a heap of sand and suddenly I was tame
Tame, and kind, and good again,
Even lovely and cute!
I’ve been bitter, bad, insane
Fate brought suddenly truth
Listen to the Nice Guy…

Well, no more ghosts and
no more SOB’s will appear
reality, that they hid from me
I finally see clear
all the gravel, dirt and shame
came from their own graveyard,
didn’t suit me playin’ their game
I got my own playin’card

Listen to the Nice Guy
Listen to the Nice Guy
He became my Wize Guy, my nice guy
Come on up, he said, come on up!
Listen to the Nice Guy, he will stay, he will…

I know my poor heart stood
Still, almost an hour and I could
Not move or talk, but I would
since people told me that I should…
..listen to the Nice Guy

(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

Nothing is plenty
bad thoughts create
voices, never agreed
inside my head
A scale
I move smooth

Having is nothing
if it’s too late
Senses, never agreed
inside my head
a scale
I move smooth

Album – From dusk to dawn

Ask and Answer
(Text: Carin Lundin/Musik: Carin Lundin/Martin Östergren)

What is true, what is false
who’s a chicken ‘n’ who’s got balls
What is cooked, what is raw,
who’s the judge and what’s the law?

I imagine, say I bet
what you say you will forget
Later on you’re in a trap
no use cryin’ upon my lap

Ask yourself dear, there’s an answer, ask and answer
your life is such a lie!

What is right, what is wrong
who is weak and who is strong
What destroys, what sustains
What falls down and what remains

I have planned to straighten things out
and I will succeed, no doubt
Lucky you, you have been heard: I recorded ev’ry word!

Now I’ll send them to your friend, soon you’ll see the bitter end
Honesty will win at last
Movin’ on, I’m doin’ it fast

Dream (Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)
Used to lie in bed at night waitin’ for the shepherd
Now I get up to my rooftop to send all the sheep away
I drink the air and loose control, watch me while I’m fallin’
Suddenly other dimensions are takin’ me to something

Dream- my rescue
Dream-don’t argue
Dream-I’d like to dream a little moore (let’s continue)

Through the silence shines the moon like a golden trumpet
Better be careful, I’m weightless, playin’ around with moonbeams
When I’m bored it’s time to land in another movie
Wanna get down to the rhythm that beats the bossa nova

Dream- my rescue
Dream-don’t argue
Dream-I’d like to dream a little more, let’s continue

Free to think and set up stories, free to speak the language that is in my dream.

(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

Sit down for a while now and sing me a song,
tell me just one of your stories
Feed me with knowledge and your common sense,
take away some of my worries

Draw me a picture, show me a tree
and let me smell all the spices
I’ll taste your cookies, we’ll go to the sea
watching the sun while it rises

Fantasy, memory, painting my sad reality
Heavenly and silently, you give my mind personality

Let’s finish our coffee and go for a walk,
down to the little townstation
Find me the right train and wave me goodbye,
bye angel, my minds own sensation

It’s Your Colour (Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)
Life’s a way of paint, sometimes black, sometimes blue
a few are faint, some are strong
not too long though

You may not prevent all the colours of fate, just wait,
it’s meant that a picture will be showing the flowing of life

Spring and a fall of a summer will make you secure, so sure
but then that old cold season disappoints you

Get yourself inspired by the dark and the light,
just fight, get tired in your eyes
and they soon will be growing wise

And you’ll feel all the colours you have known: they’re your own

Too Many (Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)
Too many fates to spare
Too many precious tears to be wasted, never tasted
Better be aware!

Too many hearts to fail
Too many hands that reach for solution – evolution
Maybe to no avail

Easy to go on and on,
but what if we picked the last of flowers?
Easy to believe they will always be,
but what if we haven’t done enough?
We’ve thought too many thoughts

Too many lazy days
Too many actions taken too badly,
we should gladly learn some other ways

(Text & Musik: Carin Lundin)

Hold me, touch me
say it’s true
look into my eyes

Rock me, watch me
I’m ok, let’s betray the lies

Our home, safe and sound, on a stable ground
Our love feeds the sun when the strong winds blow

Need me, teach me, let love flow
from below to paradise